Shinmei Niigata Prefecture Uonuma Production Koshihikari Japanese Rice 2kg

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-10% Shinmei Akafuji Niigata Koshihikari Japanese Rice 2kg

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-5% Shinmei Akafuji Akitakomachi Japanese Rice 2kg

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Yamasa soy sauce Koikuchi 500ml

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Morita Marukin Soy sauce (Koikuchi) 1L

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Speaking of the best rice, "Niigata Uonuma Koshihikari" is surely one of the best rice. Among Niigata Prefecture, the largest rice production area in Japan, Niigata Uonuma Koshihikari is from the Uonuma area has all conditions for making good rice such as clear water coming out from the mountain and the great temperature difference between day and night. This rice, which is extraordinary in everything, is perfect for gifts.

"Koshihikari from Niigata Prefecture" is the signature product of Niigata Prefecture, which boasts the highest production volume in Japan. Koshihikari polishes rice directly in Niigata and is sold to families. Please taste the Koshihikari rice that guarantees the taste that you think this is it!

Transparency, gloss and scent are excellent. Sticky and rich in elasticity. Delicious rice brought up in Akita known as "Akitakomachi" over the years in Japan.

It is a brewed soy sauce made with carefulness and confidence for a long time. It is a representative Kochi soy sauce with a rich fragrance, a bright and clear color, and a rich taste. Allergic ingredients: wheat, soy

Malkin Kokuchi soy sauce is from the region where the tradition of soy sauce making has been nurtured by the rich Setouchi nature. A rich fragrance and a mellow flavor are just ideal for cooked soy sauce or cooked food.

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