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We‘re very proud to announce that we have been selected winner of the Berlin Prestige Award as „ONLINE GROCERY STORE OF THE YEAR“. The Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards celebrates small and medium-sized businesses for their development and competitive performance. A jury chooses the winners based on accomplishments in four areas:

  • excellence of products, level of uniqueness and innovative ideas
  • a personal approach to customers and high level of service quality beyond customer expectations
  • succinct communication of brand ethos and mission
  • degree to which ethics and fairness impact corporate culture and employee satisfaction.

It fills us with pride that our efforts in making a positive impact in the online food industry have been recognised. We are so thankful for those who nominated us and to all customers who continues to use NikanKitchen year after year! We are grateful to our team and partners who work relentlessly to make NikanKitchen successful. Our ultra-authentic products directly from Japan and Korea has paid off – with our customers and the award judges!

Your NikanKitchen-Team

For the selection process, CorporateLiveWire has over 100,000 experts from various companies and companies, as well as people from the public and the circle of its subscribers to nominate law firms, companies and their merits and business success. CorporateLiveWire's management research team is a personal group of people who, through special merits, belong to their own business. Each of the nominees that the CorporateLiveWire jury received information to belong to, the coveted, received by them. The winners will be announced in CorporateLiveWire's winning guide, which includes over 90,000 business and corporate contracts. - CorporateLiveWire.

We continue to promise our customers with:

Most authentic products

We have been working hard to provide the most authentic Korean and Japanese products to our customers. We will keep working hard on offering the most authentic and delicious food at low price!

Fastest & Free Delivery

Over the years Fastest & Free Delivery has been a clear mission to us. We will do our very best to offer the fastest & low delivery costs continousy to our customers not only in Germany but also in Europe.

We are there for you

Our support is not only limited to answer all questions from our customers within a 30 minutes, but also provide an excellent product consultings. All questions E-Mail [email protected], on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ,of course, per Telephone. We will answer all your questions at our very best.

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